Massey College is the setting for Toronto launch of Laughed Till They Cried

The Toronto launch on October 21 was a special evening organized and hosted by dear friends I worked with during my days at Queen’s Park as a journalist with The Toronto Star and later as Press Secretary to Premier William Davis. A real highlight of the reunion of old friends was the presence of former Premier Davis and his wife, Kathleen, along with former Senator Hugh Segal, who is now Master of Massey College where the event was held. Just about all of those in attendance worked in media, government or political jobs at Queen’s Park during the Davis Years (1971 to 1983). In an email a few days following the event, one wag summed up the evening this way: “We’ve attended several book launches over the years but never one that (a) was put together by the author’s pals; (b) had William Grenville Davis speaking in sentences that were shorter than three minutes and (c) where most every soul in the room ( so far as we could tell) knew the author personally and had such great and well deserved affection for her.” Well, thank you for that and thank you to those organized the event, who attended, and who bought books. I’m especially grateful to those who have either read the book or are in the process of doing so and have sent along encouraging remarks ! Don’t forget to leave a message in the Comment Section of this website ! Pictures can be found in the website’s Media Dropdown Section

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