Here we go again!

After my first novel was published in 2014, I vowed I would never subject myself to that kind of challenge again.

Only those who have survived the experience of writing and publishing and marketing a book can understand.

(Suffice it to say that writing is the only fun part in the process!)

It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions from the depth of rejection slips and rewrites and desolate bookstore signings to the euphoria of the offspring’s arrival and the satisfaction of knowing the work is appreciated.

There is something magical about the arrival of a new book. Unlike a painting, you can hold a book in your hands and caress the cover. It smells new. It reeks of creativity and achievement. You can take it home with you and explore what’s between the covers. In private you can laugh yourself silly at the naughty parts and cry your eyes out over tragedy. You can pass it on and share it with people you love.

Like my first novel, the newer arrival is a labour of love.

Laughed Till They Cried is about girls growing up in wartime in a small Eastern Ontario town and sharing lifetime friendships that enrich their lives and make it possible to get through the rough spots. I wanted to tell that story about the importance of friendship.

Unleashed is about the magical love that exists between people and dogs and how animals bring joy and meaning to our lives on this planet we all share. As an animal-lover and daily visitor to a dog park I wanted to tell that story too.

In both books readers say they laugh and cry in equal measure--which is as I planned it because life is an emotional journey.

My friends remind me that I said, “never again” after the first novel and here we go again.

I hope you enjoy Unleashed as much as I enjoyed receiving the final printed copy in my hands.

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