We have a winner!

It was tough but we’ve got a winner in the contest for the best caption on our highly popular photo of Babe (a.k.a. Sneakers) reading her own copy of Unleashed.

Entries ranged from the serious (“Trump doesn’t read books but I do”) to the witty (“Beautiful me and only my nose makes the cover.”)

We asked Babe for her vote and she chose “Ha ha…here’s the part about the farting Greyhound.”

Finally, we chose the entry that caused me the greatest angst.

Stressed out from the busy signing schedule after the books finally arrived after being lost in delivery for a week, I opened my email early one morning to find the following message from a well-meaning neighbour:

“Typo page 126, fourth para, last line.”

“Noooooooo,” I groaned in a weary voice that drew my concerned, long-suffering husband into the home office.

After persistently searching for the offending typo and finding none, I decided to avoid seeming ungrateful or offending my neighbour. I replied to the email with a message that a typo did go undetected in my earlier novel and conceded possibly the line in question this time could benefit from an added hyphen.

Back came a response from the neighbour: “Sally, that was my entry in the caption contest!”

It took a considerable length of time for me to scrape the egg off my face and stop laughing.

And that’s why our panel of judges awards the first prize to Lynn Wilson. Copies of Unleashed and my earlier novel, Laughed Till They Cried are on their way to her doorstep.

Our thanks to all those who contributed such witty and wonderful entries.

Meanwhile, we regret to announce there IS a typo in the first printing of Unleashed and two people have brought this to our attention. Unfortunately, they were serious and not just competing for our grand prize!

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