Back to the presses!

As this is being written Unleashed is going into its second printing following a series of signing events in support of local animal welfare groups and several positive media reports about the book.

A lot of hard work and support of family and friends have made the publication and marketing of Unleashed a great experience. It’s heartening to me to know that readers are enjoying the book and that there will be many gift-wrapped copies under Christmas trees this year.

Supporters encouraged me when the editing process became frustrating, they read the first drafts and made helpful comments, they were there to celebrate the book’s arrival and they turned up at the several signings to show their support and buy books.

The signing in Belleville turned into a family reunion when my cousins, the Jury family, arrived en masse. In Picton, long-time friend and former professional colleague Bev Campbell threw herself into organizing the signing at the public library. In Kingston, we sold 85 books at a signing staffed and attended by so many friends, and that marked the local social debut of six-month-old great-grandson Boyd.

Our daughter Lynne schlepped posters to publicize the Belleville event, daughter Robin contributed her photographic skills to document a wonderful party in Peterborough hosted by my publisher, and granddaughter Melissa has shown her creative talents in designing an ongoing Instagram account to promote the book.

In Napanee, I was so grateful for the presence of dear friends at the signing—some of them going back to our early childhood days in my hometown.

My long-suffering husband Fred Ross was a professional photographer during one period in his multifaceted career and created the great picture of Babe (a.k.a. Sneakers) complete with reading glasses and immersed in the reading of Unleashed. The picture has been a real hit on social media and gave rise to a contest for the best caption and attracted competitors (and book orders) from as far away as Australia.

Thanks everyone — couldn’t have done it without you!


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