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Probably it’s a shrink that I need to help get me through this pandemic but I’ve begun by writing a blog as self-help therapy.

As winter sets in and the pandemic shows little evidence of abating, friends are scrambling to find new hobbies and other activities to fill their time in the weeks and months ahead.

One has bought enough yarn to knit a sweater for the CN Tower.

Another has turned his basement into a greenhouse which he swears will not grow anything illegal but I have my doubts about that.

A new puppy will be arriving at the end of November and that’s going to keep my pal Sue very busy and much loved.

Several are dusting off their sewing machines and woodworking tools.

Hiking boots seem to be in demand for those taking to the great outdoors and cards, jigsaw puzzles and various games are flying off the shelves.

Me? I’ve always found challenge and pleasure at the keyboard and I love to speak my mind and engage in civil debate. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.

The early stages of the pandemic drained my energy, robbed me of any enthusiasm and threatened to turn me into an apathetic zombie in striped pajamas sipping cold coffee.

The American election drove me further into the doldrums as it became more and more apparent with each passing day that the leader of the free world is nuts and a clear and present danger to us all.

As a political junkie, my repeated efforts to resist media coverage of America’s darkest hour failed time and time again. There was always “breaking news” to knock me off the wagon and toss me back into the election stew.

Wimp be gone. I’m writing again and hoping this will remind me and readers that every day is a gift to be thankful for---and that one day the pandemic and Donald Trump will end and joy will return to our lives.

My views won’t always be popular but I’ll feel better for having expressed them !

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